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A collection of stories from the Pittsfield Police. 1690-2007


Sixteen year old farm hand sneaks up behind farmer milking cow, with two blows from his axe, cuts off farmers head.  Drags body and head to manure pit where he buried it.

Father murders six month old son by electrocution. Places son and wet diaper on metal tray, attaches wires to tray and plugs into outlet, electrocuting son.

Husband mixes cyanide poison to wife’s medicine, killing her so he can pursue love affair with another women.

Mother blindfolds 9 year old son and 5 year old daughter in cemetery, putting cotton in their ears and tape over eyes then executes them with a .22 pistol, commits suicide with same gun.

Baby boy found dead in paper bag in dump off Crane Avenue with a 15 inch long blanket wrapped around his neck by two youths looking for stamps.

4 unsolved murders, one body never found.


Author John O'Neil
Retired Captain of 40 years

On Decemeber 27, 2007 Captain John T. O'Neil had his last roll call, but luckily his passion for the police force didn't die as he dedicated his retirement to the writing of the many collections of stories he was privey to hear about and be a part of during his 40 year service.


John O'Neil lives in the Berkshires where he shares his stories with his wife Hulda O'Neil and his three children and seven grandchildren and now you! This book provides adventure to the thrill seeker and twists and turns for the detective in all of us and they are all true!



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